Staff Members

Ambassador/ Naela Gabr

Chairperson and Head of Technical Secertarait

The National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Persons was established within the framework of Egypt’s efforts to combat these two crimes, and to protect its citizens and most vulnerable groups from any form of exploitation. The Committee is responsible for coordinating efforts on the national and international levels among the relevant authorities. The Committee is considered a coordination mechanism for the development of plans and policies to combat these crimes, and aims at building bridges of cooperation among the concerned parties, especially since combating these issues requires the consolidated efforts of different national and international actors.


The National committee established Law No. 64 of 2010 and Law No. 82 of 2016 which are among the most important and pivotal steps in combating these issues. These laws are characterized by their success in achieving the crucial balance between effectively combating these crimes while respecting the principles and the fundamentals of human rights. This was achieved through the establishment of deterring penalties for traffickers and illegal migration brokers, while preventing the punishment of victims and smuggled migrants and providing them with the necessary assistance.


The National Committee is working on many activities in various fields, both in the area of protection and assistance, by providing the victims with the necessary health and psychological services, and capacity building by promoting the efficiency of the concerned authorities to combat these crimes. The committee is also launching awareness raising campaigns aimed at raising public awareness about the dangers of trafficking and illegal migration. These activities are part of the implementation of the national strategies to combat illegal migration and trafficking prepared by the Committee in 2016.


The State's policy on supporting the social, economic and cultural rights of the most vulnerable groups supports the Committee in achieving its objectives. Prosecuting perpetrators and preventing them from escaping punishment is also another pillar to achieve security and safety for all. This will achieve the success we seek in combating and preventing illegal migration and trafficking in persons.

Staff Members

Counsellor / Yousra Ebada Sarhan

Member of Technical Secretariat - Counter Illegal Migration Team

Counselor/ Marwa Hegazy

Member of Technical Secretariat. Counter Human Trafficking Team

Mr. Yehia Ossama

Member of the Technical Secretariat & Head of Media and Communication Unit - Counter Human Trafficking Team

Mr. Khaled Elnakkady

Member of the Technical Secretariat & Head of Capacity Building Unit and Training Grants - Counter Illegal Migration Team

Ms. Manar Suliman

Project Assistant - Cooperation on Migration Governance Project "CONMIGO"

Mr. Mahmoud Imam

Researcher, Capacity Building and Training Grants Unit

Ms/ Hagar Tarek

Researcher, Media and Documentation Unit, Trafficking in Persons Team

Nourane Awadallah

Senior Researcher - Counter Trafficking Unit